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Lena Pogrebnaya was born in Odessa, Ukraine. She first fell for photography in 2009 while studying at Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. After graduating in 2011, Lena began her work as an independent architect. Professional architecture together with photography has enabled Lena to acquire her own unique signature.
The natural environment of the homeland, surroundings of as yet unexplored countries, and modernist architecture in all its manifestations are one of the important aspects of Pogrebnaya's inspiration to this day. The essence of her projects is in monumental structures made of concrete, granite, decorative tiles, sceneries of various colors and shades, and ... people merged with these aesthetics.
Her artistic research follows the idyllic relationship of a person merged with an object, recreated in photographs: whether it is an architectural structure or landscapes, donated to humanity by nature. For Lena Pogrebnaya, it is important to see the model perfectly inscribed in the environment of the frame in order to get a soft harmony of movements, the dance of the human paired with the structures next to it.
Lena often sees architectural forms as part of nature - nature created us and we, subsequently, had a hand in these gigantic buildings, which nature will eventually leave for itself anyway.
The photographer's universe is "nature that creates nature", where a person, looking at the work, loudly feels his belonging to both the wild nature and the urban environment.

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